Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Lessons from the "Uplifting Leadership" Congress

As part of a mentoring cohort that I am involved in through the Simcoe County District School Board, today I had the opportunity to attend a Leadership Congress. The congress, whose theme was "Uplifting Leadership," was attended by leaders from all areas of education including school administrators, facilities staff, office staff, human resources employees, members of the communications department, teachers and more.  It was refreshing to have the opportunity to come together with leaders from different 'silos' of education and to consider how the same leadership messages can be applied within all of our roles.  Here are a few images with captions that summarize my key takeaways from the sessions that I attended today.

The day began with Director Wallace welcoming the group and sharing the following quote to set the tone for the day... 
Author unknown. Image from behappy.me

Keynote Address: "The Mark of a Leader"
Doug Keeley @MarkofaLeader

What is the lens through which people see you? If you don't shape your image, someone else will.  https://pixabay.com/static/uploads/photo/2015/08/05/08/47/personal-875801_960_720.jpg
We all have a story to tell. Stories are the glue that bind us together as humans.  https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7520/16044203109_e587afb08c_z.jpg

    We only win as individuals when the whole team wins.
    How do we inspire others to be their best?
Our best success comes from feeding spirit, imagination and heart.
What areas do you need to nurture vs.  what areas do you actually
spend most of your time nurturing?

Image by @A_J_Golding

"Beyond the Tin Can Telephone"

Iain McMeekin

You need to want to hear feedback, no matter what that feedback may be. What do you like about working here?   What is one thing you would change? http://www.thebluediamondgallery.com/pictures/feedback.jpg
Make sure to appreciate those around you...
it doesn't have to be eloquent but it has to be heartfelt.


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Iain shared a practical and entertaining Ted Talk by Celeste Headlee: 
10 Ways to have a better conversation (worth the 12 minute view) 

"Thriving Through Action" 

Virginia Gingras @VirginiavsBruce

What are your top 3 priorities?
 Thinking about your top 3 priorities,
do your actions reflect those priorities?
Our strength overplayed becomes our weakness.
Are you missing work life balance? 

Are you really good at taking care of others but do you provide the same care for yourself?  
We're really good at surviving but we need to thrive.
Don't forget about your dreams!
Instead of sharing achievements, share how you thrive through challenges...
 this is powerful learning.
Great ideas are a dime a dozen but what makes a great idea different is action,
particularly taking action through challenges.
How do you avoid being derailed between your idea and the follow through to completion.
When dealing with self doubt and fear, remember that s
ometimes when you're in a situation you can't truly see the situation or solutions.
When you come upon naysayers, remember- it's not their dream, it's your dream

"Visible Learning, Visible Leading"

Patrick Miller @millerpEDU

How do the people you work with/for know you've learning?  
Build a diverse professional learning network (PLN)...diverse being key.
We gravitate to people who are similar to ourselves.
We learn more from people who have different experiences and challenge our ideas.


When considering any change, use the framework of these system drivers.
Also consider, what are your personal drivers? 

We spend too much time and effort building rigid systems in the name of sustainability.
We need to be agile and flexible enough to respond to a changing world.
 "Sustainagility" (Pat Miller)

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